Greetings to all readers.  I have just decided to try turning on our blog to read comments from our readers.  This web site was established for my wife and me to relate our adventure of creating a net zero energy home in the challenging Montana environment.  This is the first home we have ever built acting as our own prime contractors and it has been quite an experience.  It is also my first attempt to build a web site and I owe a lot to our web designer, Megan Walthall for helping us over many of the site construction hurdles.

As a dinosaur electronics engineer, I wanted to read up on as many ideas for pursuing our net zero energy goal as I could find before we commenced construction.  The Internet is a wonderful research tool as any present reader well knows.  In my research I ran across some interesting ideas that are fairly common and some ideas that were pushing what I felt were my practical limits. In the end, we wound up with a very comfortable home that is designed for a retired couple (though we are not yet in that category).  We hope this home will serve us well until we have to move into a retirement center sometime in the future if that is our fate.

Hopefully if you read many of our web pages you too will find some ideas that might appeal to you whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home with the intent of reducing or eliminating your energy bills.  Remember that no one should try to utilize any of the ideas we present here without first seeking expert help in your new home designs or remodeling plans. I look forward to hearing your comments and answering any questions I feel capable of addressing.  Of course it goes without saying that if you try any of our ideas, we would love to hear about it!!!!!!

As an aside (maybe you can tell what my favorite pastime is), I would like to show you a picture of my walleye fish that I caught in the largest Montana walleye tournament a few years back.  It was the biggest fish of the tournament and I owe it all to my fishing partner and friend Jeff Enzminger of Bismarck, ND and a good Internet friend, Andrew Martinsen.  Andrew has THE BEST fishing web site devoted mostly to walleye fishing.  Some of the massive amounts of great walleye fishing info really helped my own fishing luck.  If you have any interest in this sport you owe it to yourself to visit Andrew’s site.  Walleye Fishing Secrets


Thanks for visiting!