Smart Forced Air has taken up a lot of my time over the past several years.

At long last we are about to launch Smart Forced Air ,Inc. I promised you readers would be the first to know about the project I was working on with our son.

Patent filings are still holding me from disclosing too much at this time.   However, now you can go to our new web site ( and sign up for our free newsletter.  Lawyers are advising me to not release information about our products at this time. We risk losing our patent rights if we offer our products for sale or disclose facts prior to filing the patents.

Do you own a forced air heating or cooling system in your house or small office building?  If so, you will certainly be pleased to know that there is Smart Forced Air help for you on the way.  You will be able to enjoy comfort you have never had with your existing system.

I can go no further now, but visit our web site and please sign up for our free e-newsletter.  It might be a few months before we can start disclosing any details, but you won’t be sorry.  Go now to

We have upgraded much of the information on this Net Zero web site over the past few months.  Please take a look around when you have time and let me know if the information is going to be of any use.  This site will be updated as new progress on the home front is made.  You may note my new section on “Net Zero Energy Regrets” where I have upgraded my thoughts about building a true Net Zero energy home.

Smart Forced Air is the latest start-up project for me and Net Zero is about completed.

The old Net Zero project is winding down and now the new Smart Forced Air project is about to go full-time for me.

Thanks for reading,