My 11 Year Old Grandson’s 19 Pound Brown Trout

Hello and thank you for visiting my very first web site.  This project is my way of conveying what I have learned in the last couple years about trying to achieve a Net Zero Energy home in Montana.  I also hope to learn how to construct a web site for use in future projects.

As our home page describes, we have built a 5200 square foot home/attached garage that we are heating entirely off a single three ton electrical heat pump.  The electricity for the heat pump is mostly being generated by 32 total 300 watt Helios Monocrystalline PV solar panels all mounted on our south facing roof.  The panels all feed two 6 Kw Solar Edge grid-tie inverters mounted in the equipment room in the shop.  Our heat pump heats or cools the water in an 80 gallon buffer tank.  All the radiant floor hydronic tubing is fed from the buffer tank to either heat or cool the house depending upon the season.  Of course, the entire building is super-insulated in order the reduce the heating/cooling load on the heat pump.  All this and more is explained in various parts of this web site.

Thus far, I have not opened up this site to any blog posting, but I will try it on an experimental basis to see how I am able to keep up.  Thanks for your patience.  if you have any comments, I will do my best to give a timely response, but please understand that I can often be away from my computer for up to a week or so at a time.  Thanks for visiting and for any comments you might have.