Low energy RV camping embraced no ambition for us initially.

We moved our motor home into our new shop as soon as we had heat and overhead doors.  The old coach provided us with part-time living quarters so we could oversee the construction.  I had not even thought about low energy RV camping before this time.

Soon some very large electric bills caught our attention.  We had expected the construction work to be using considerable energy.  But the bills still came in higher than expected.  This was long before we had installed the energy system, so we really felt the pain.

Finally I started making some power measurements to see where the energy was being used.  The motor home alone was using about 14 kWh per day. That amount of energy did not even include heating the coach.  The new heat pump in the mechanical room provided all that! More measurements revealed the other biggest power drains in the coach.  They were the refrigerator, 10 gallon water heater, battery charger and lighting all using electricity.

We did not concern ourselves with further energy usage in the coach during construction.  The bills bothered us but not enough to impede the building process.  However, in the spring of 2015 we decided that we would like to start using the RV to start traveling again and camping at various lakes and rivers in the Northwest for fishing.  That decision led us into making some purchases of various equipment to help us pursue our low energy RV camping desire.

Please refer to following information sections that follow for details about the equipment we selected and why.  Go back to the home page and select the drop down menu tabs under this one (Low energy camping).

We have not been able to do much camping in the past year, but hope that will change this summer (2017).  Next fall I will plan to write a blog on this site telling of our low energy RV camping experiences.  Stat tuned.  Mike