Energy saving homeowners or for Net Zero enthusiasts are our target audiences.

If energy saving for homes and RVs is is of interest to you, then this web site is a good place to start.  We cover ideas for new construction and also for things you can do to your existing home.  People having extremist tendencies might want to go all the way to the exclusive True Net Zero membership.

Reactivating the site and what to expect

I apologize to people who have checked into our site while we were totally inactive. We have been very busy trying to launch another entrepreneurial venture that we will tell you about when the time comes.  We have also done some work on some new energy saving projects we have completed for our total solar heating and cooling needs.  Future blogs will include information on:

  • Our new home battery backup system.
  • A new update for RVers about our small (compared to our stationary home) solar system.
  • Updates on our summer cooling systems
  • How our new shades are performing under different weather conditions.
  • The CurbEnergy energy monitoring system that has been a great help on the energy saving front.

Sadly, there has been next to no time spent on the water fishing for the past couple years, so there will be no updates on that front.  There should be many other interesting home energy saving projects brought up that are not mentioned above.

A new Montana Sunrise of the Day, but this has little to do with Net Zero energy saving.s!

The sun rises in Montana are every bit as spectacular as the sun sets without the storms!

With any luck I hope to get this site edited by my wife and be able to update the blog and other detailed pages within a few months.  No guaranty!  With any luck I will be able to report some exciting news on our battery backup equipment and thoughts about interfacing with our SolarEdge inverter system.  That is an issue that other grid-tied users might want to contemplate.

The delays led to some interesting improvements and additions to our net zero energy saving home

Unfortunately, this Net Zero energy saving web site had to take a back seat to other activities.  Our active and passive solar house now has almost twice as many solar panels on the roof and energy production has almost doubled.  Below is a photo of the new changes to the roof mounted solar panels.  Note that the original 32 mono crystalline panels formed the top and middle rows on the left side.  The new 27 mono crystalline panels are all mounted on the entire lowest row and the three farthest left  rows.  Other details will follow in future solar system blog posts.  The additional panels insure that we should always attain Net Zero energy saving status regardless of adverse weather conditions such as losing more than a month of production this last winter.  So maybe the delay has been worth the results for some of my readers.


Our Home provides solar panels to energize requirements left after extreme energy saving ideas were used.

This home makes use of extreme energy savings strategies. Solar panels provide for remaining energy requirements.


Hopefully you will be able to respond to my comments below.  Fear not, no worries about giving out personal information unless you want to.  We do gather your email address to confirm you are a real person and request a confirmation response to conform to spam regulations. All the best from beautiful (and home energy saving) Montana.