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Mike is an electronics engineer with an ancient BSEE (so as to not confuse him with the modern computer engineers). Working on the third entrepreneurial startup company, he decided to get up to speed making this web site as a hobby venture. Once his new company is off the ground he will announce it first on this web site. It is very much related to home energy comfort and savings.

Smart Forced Air Is Getting Ready To Announce.

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Smart Forced Air has taken up a lot of my time over the past several years. At long last we are about to launch Smart Forced Air ,Inc. I promised you readers would be the first to know about the project I was working on with our son. Patent filings are still holding me from disclosing too much at this time.   However, now you can go to our new web site (www.smartforcedair.com) and sign up for our free newsletter.  Lawyers are advising me to not release information about our products at this time. We risk losing our patent rights if [...]

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Energy saving with Net Zero in Montana is active again!

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Energy saving homeowners or for Net Zero enthusiasts are our target audiences. If energy saving for homes and RVs is is of interest to you, then this web site is a good place to start.  We cover ideas for new construction and also for things you can do to your existing home.  People having extremist tendencies might want to go all the way to the exclusive True Net Zero membership. Reactivating the site and what to expect I apologize to people who have checked into our site while we were totally inactive. We have been very busy trying to launch [...]

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Greetings to all readers.  I have just decided to try turning on our blog to read comments from our readers.  This web site was established for my wife and me to relate our adventure of creating a net zero energy home in the challenging Montana environment.  This is the first home we have ever built acting as our own prime contractors and it has been quite an experience.  It is also my first attempt to build a web site and I owe a lot to our web designer, Megan Walthall for helping us over many of the site construction hurdles. [...]

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About Us And Our Home

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My 11 Year Old Grandson's 19 Pound Brown Trout Hello and thank you for visiting my very first web site.  This project is my way of conveying what I have learned in the last couple years about trying to achieve a Net Zero Energy home in Montana.  I also hope to learn how to construct a web site for use in future projects. As our home page describes, we have built a 5200 square foot home/attached garage that we are heating entirely off a single three ton electrical heat pump.  The electricity for the heat pump is mostly being generated by [...]

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