Energy Savings = Saving Money!

You too can completely eliminate or reduce your energy bills. This site will teach you how one couple succeeded in their quest for a Net Zero home.

Energy savings + solar power might even eliminate your power bill.

Our solar panel and geothermal heat pump systems are giving us a risk-free lifetime return on our initial investment that beats anything else we know of. Government tax incentives make the investment decision even easier.

Find Your Own Energy Freedom

Free yourself from high energy bills with energy savings and solar electricity production.

Generate Your Own Photo Voltaic Solar Power

The reward is monthly energy savings that pay a dividend on the capital you invest forever!   We found tremendous freedom by generating and conserving our own power. Rising utility prices no longer subject us to monthly anger . We want you to be free from high energy costs too through energy savings and solar production!

Go Green

Reduce consumption and harmful environmental impacts.

Build A Healthy Future

We chose components for our home to help us produce and conserve more energy. The resulting decrease in our energy use should please anyone concerned about the environment and it saves us hard-earned money every month.

How Energy Savings We’ve Made Has Eliminated Our Utility Bill

More energy savings plus a solar system gives us true Net Zero  energy results with a surplus bonus for the energy company.


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